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Georgetown University began with the vision of John Carroll, an American-born, European-educated Jesuit priest who returned to the United States in 1773 with the goal of securing the future of American Catholicism through education -- in particular, through the establishment of a preeminent Catholic place of higher learning.
Today is one of the most prestige universities and has notable alumni like Bill Clinton or José Durão Barroso.
Georgetown University Latin American Board.
The program: Global Competitiveness Leadership Program
The Global Competiveness Leadership program is a scholarship that covers all expenses that aims to provide qualities to responsible leadership to the future Iberamerican leaders as well as create a consistent network that aloud a shifting in Latin American political path. 
This program was created in 2007 and this is the 3rd edition.
It takes place during the first semester of 2009 in Georgetown campus, Washington D.C.. Also this program will have around 30 participants
and is Spanish. As so, it is mandatory to be proficiency in Spanish.
The lectures will cover 3 main topics: political leadership, social leadership and business leadership. Besides of the lectures, there will be visits to important institutes such as think tanks,The White House and the Pentagon.  
In the end, the participants have to present a project to the Georgetown University Latin American Board.
The Portuguese participant role is to leverage the relationship between Portugal and Latin American. Therefore, the participant ought to have awareness of Latin America political realty, share the European and Portuguese political system, develop a network beyond the program and built a project in Portugal.
This program alouds you to have:
1. Full access to several networks such as previous participants and foundations;
2. Improve your political knowledge;
3. Contact with different realities;
4. Living in Washington D.C.







To participate in this program you have to have:

·        Tree years of work experience;


·        Political background namely political communication/marketing;


·        Fluent in English and Spanish (mandatory);


·        27 years old;


·        Available to be in Washington D.C at final of January;


·        Interest in Latin American reality.



Selection process will enroll a Résumé evaluation as well as personal interview.







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