Lisboa 18 de Julho, 2018

Best Place – European Place Marketing Institute is a society of experts, a think-tank in regards to place marketing, working actively for the development of cities, regions and countries. The Institute supports the development of place marketing through research, teaching, advise and work on perfecting the marketing for the sustainable development of places.
European Place Marketing Institute seeks new ideas and works on perfecting the already known and used marketing tools for place development. It combines science with practice. It effectively uses the media for promotion of new ideas. It builds beneficial relations and vital cooperation between local governments, non-government institutions, companies and other organisations, all of which aim for the development of places. The success of the Institute is the success of achieving local governments’ aims with which it cooperates.
Association for Place Branding and Public Diplomacy
The Association for Place Branding and Public Diplomacy brings together considerable expertise in the field of place branding and public diplomacy. Our experts have different professional backgrounds, including academia, civil service, marketing and PR. All of them, however, have been practically involved in place branding and/or public diplomacy.
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