III – INFORMATION For students

Welcome Note

The Higher Institute of Business Communication (ISCEM) is located in Príncipe Real Square, no. 27, in Lisbon,Portugal.
It was set up in 1990 and its regulations are according to the Decree no.1072/90 of 24th October.
ISCEM offers two undergraduate courses (Business Communication and MarketingManagement) and two Masters Degrees (Business Communication and Strategic Marketing). In 2006/2007, the first cycle of studies was adapted according to the criteria stipulated by the Bologne Agreement and ISCEM was one of the first private higher institutes to attain suitability standards.
ISCEM pursues international integration and, thus, has established exchange agreements with several foreign universities, particularly in Europe, offering students the opportunity to attend classes in English during a whole semester.
Through the Erasmus Programme and the protocols of cooperation, ISCEM aims to contribute to the promotion of learning of new languages, the development of cultural and scientific knowledge and excellence in teaching.
On behalf of our teachers, collaborators and students, I welcome all students who decide to attend classes at our institute for one semester.
May your staying contribute to develop studies and may it be stimulating and pleasant.

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It’s been designed to improve your Mobility experience and includes information on the following aspects:
• cost of living
• accommodation
• meals
• medical facilities
• facilities for special needs students
• insurance
• financial support for students
• student affairs office
• learning facilities
• international programmes
• practical information for mobile students
• language courses
• sports and leisure facilities


The ISCEM pedagogical project aims to offer the students of the course professional internships, from the second year on. The main objective of the Internships is to bridge the gap that normally separates theoretic learning (however good and up-to-date it may be) from its practical application. These Internships provide students with general learning and a conjectural perspective of the company, but are also a testing bench where they can experiment and challenge, in direct contact with reality, their intellectual abilities, discovering many times in this process their vocational interest areas for future development.
On the other hand, the internships allow the companies to appreciate the potential professional value of the students, a starting point for a progressive and qualified integration, as well as to establish interactive relationships with the School, in a collaboration that aims at enhancing teaching methods and the scientific quality of knowledge taught, adapting them to the specificities of the market environment and to professional practices.
Finally, once the Course has been completed, the internships may lead to a faster integration of the Students in the work market, as a result of the work they presented in the different companies, and the scientific added values and techniques that they acquired during their itinerary.